Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Dogs

Have not been in the mood to blog lately and been thinking of not blogging anymore.  I do not have many followers or content that really interest anyone apparently. On another note, life has been great and busy as usual.  I set up my camera this past June and had a mini photo shoot with my dogs.  They are such cuties!!!! Enjoy the few pics.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rainy Day

It has been raining off and on some light and heavy showers with a little thunder. What a great day to stay in PJ's and watch movies all day.  I just finished a late breakfast of a chocolate covered donut and donut holes with a fresh cup of coffee.  YUM!

I am loving this new wicker tray I found at Hobby Lobby. I have only searched for the perfect one all of my life (LOL), but for real it took a long time to find one I really liked.  So the other day I made these mini homemade waffles with this cute little waffle maker I found at Home Goods. Not that I needed another waffle maker! LOL

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring already?

Welcome back Spring and all the little critters that come along with it! Not to mention the heavy winds and spring storms. Not complaining or anything but I just don't like bugs.  We got our Garden cleaned out and not sure what to do with all that space now. Sometimes, I want to concrete that area and other times I want to plant grass and fence off that area for my dogs.  I sometimes envision a nice landscaped area to put my hammock and just have that space to sunbathe!  So, many ideas are racing through my head!  We are going to do some container gardening for sure. My hubby planted some spring flowers for me and they are so pretty.

We have had two areas in our backyard where two momma rabbits had their babies!  We did not know there were four newborn baby rabbits in our garden until the guy who pulled our garden apart discovered them last Monday.  He showed us and I was surprised and they scare me. I am afraid of all things that move (except for my dogs LOL).  The other two baby rabbits were in another area and my hubby discovered them while he was mowing the lawn. Those babies were hidden in a hole there mother built underground.  They have since moved on. They were the size of my palm.  Rabbits scare me!  I cannot help but be afraid!  They are cute tho!

Nothing else is new, except for getting over the flu!  Geez, that put me out a whole week!  I have not been sick like that in over six years! I pretty much take care of myself and my body fought it as much as it could! Luckily, my hubby did not catch it.

Have a great week and enjoy the pics. Please take the time as you are stopping by to visit anyway, to say hi!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker Tablescape

I hope your Valentines weekend was awesome! Mine sure was and we still have more to do on the actual day.  We are hopeless romantics LOL!  February is a busy month as we have alot of family birthdays to celebrate.  Mine was on the 8th and my husbands is on the 16th.  And of course, we celebrate Valentine's Day too!

We had reservations for dinner at The Melting Pot on Saturday evening. Our table was decorated with rose petals and candlelight. We bought the package deal and I also got a dozen of beautiful red roses, chocolate covered strawberries and a great bottle of wine (I did not want the Champagne - not too fond of that stuff).  It was a fun experience and we both enjoyed it.

For my birthday, my husband took me to dinner at Uncle Julio's it is one of our favorite restuarants! YUM! Because, I am a twin, my sister joined us and so did other family members. It was a fun night.  My sister also spent the day with us and we had lunch at Cheddars and then did some shoppping. We went to Kendra Scott and I got three new pieces of jewerly to add to my collection.  My husband is sweet like that!  LOL Afterwards, we went to El Fenix because I had a free birthday coupon for Guac, chips and Queso (who can pass that up?) LOL. So, we enjoyed a Margarita and a beer or two as well.  You know because shopping does make one thirsty! HA! It was a fun day!

On Valentine's Day me and my hubby are going to get a couples massage and maybe eat something simple for Dinner. After all, I do have another free birthday coupon for PIZZA! (a $16 value) and it is at Old Chicago YUM!!! Then, on Thursday we have to celebrate my hubby's birthday! Not sure, what he wants to do (he did mention going to gun range......grrrrr) not something I would do. Oh well it is his day.

In between all this yummy indulgences I have been going to the gym some.  Lord knows, I need to work off the yummy desserts and birthday cake I have been eating.  Not complaining, I am truly blessed to be able to celebrate any occasion and celebrate life each day. I am a happy gal!

Oh, and my Dog, Benji will celebrate a birthday as well on the 16th alongside with my hubby. Not sure, how old Benji will be. I won't tell my hubby's age but, he is still young!!! LOL

Here are some pictures of a tablescape I created for my photo book. I would love to publish a book,  but not sure how to go about it. Guess I should google that!  I had fun creating this "50 Shades Darker" theme tablescape. In one picture posted I took away the props for a simple Valentine Tablescape.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I think it turned out pretty good. I am hoping to go and see the movie soon, for now it has been sold out for the times I have chosen.

Have a wonderful week.