Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

MIA.....these past few days, I know. Been busy but having fun at the same time. On a whim this past Monday we decided to head out to Houston for a visit with my BFF, Melinda. Monday night we stayed at the Galvez Hotel in Galveston and had a nice evening dinner at FishTales. After having a nice breakfast the next day, we decided to head back to Houston due to the rain. Tuesday evening we all went to the Houston Astros vs. Texas Rangers baseball game. That was a blast! Came back Wednesday and on Thursday we celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary at the Mercury Chophouse in downtown FTW. The food was delish and the atmosphere cozy. We had a wonderful time. Here is a picture of the roses my hubby gave me. I hope to have a card posted tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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