Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I had plans to stay in and decorate for the Fall season. After several trips up and down the stairs carrying big storage containers I finally got it all down and laid it all out on my living room floor. I attempted to hang my Fall wreath, but could not find one of many wreath holders that I have. It is somewhere amongst all the other decorations in the attic. So, I had to stop and shower and get dressed and go to Michaels to buy another one to add to my collection. Does that ever happen to any of you? Anyway, while we were out (me and my husband) we hit a few stores searching for whatever. We went to World Market, 1/2 price Books, Kohl's, Michaels, and Walmart.

I just love looking at all the Halloween stuff and bought me two of the cutest Witch hats. I am unsure what I will dress as this Halloween, but bought them anyway. I am trying to stay focused on Fall only and Halloween will come later, but I have already bought four bags of candy for my candy jars! I can't help myself!

Anyway, I love Fall and really love and enjoy Halloween. Above is a picture of my Fall decorations still on the living room floor. I will tackle the job of decorating tomorrow. Last Fall, I put Pumpkins all atop my kitchen cabinets and that was a lot of work so this year I am going to do something different.

I hope you all are enjoying the cool weather. I like it but I hate the allergies that come with it.

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