Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have to start today's post with that because of what I heard and seen last night. After my husband and I finished watching a kinda creepy movie we left the media room and went downstairs and heard something howling. My husband thought it was me at first, humming or something. (Since I am always being silly) I hollored at him to come near the fireplace and listen. I heard an owl whooing. I said, frantically, I think he is in our chimney. Before that we thought he may have been on our back patio or roof.

Anyway, we listened and then went outside towards the front/side of the house and stood in the driveway and there it was a huge big OWL sitting at the top of our chimney!!!! It was kinda cool because it was a partially full moon and the reflection of the moonlight and the owl's silouhette was just amazing. We stood there in awe as he was whooing. I whispered to my husband should I go get the camera and he said no we would spook it. By that time the owl spotted us staring at him and within seconds he flew away toward the greenbelt faster than you could blink an eye. Just think of the cool picture I could have captured had he stayed there longer and if he had not spotted us.

Anyway, I was kinda scared of it. My husband thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now, I have heard Dove before outside our home (the greenbelt is right behind our home) and I have never heard an Owl or seen one around our home. (other than at a zoo or exhibit such as the Home and Garden Show) So, I just thought it was creepy and all and especially after watching a creepy movie. Needless, to say because of the owl sighting I did not stay up late last night in my craft/computer room so I had my husband walk back upstairs with me to get my laptop and then I went to bed! I am a scaredy cat!!! Anyway, this just reminded me of the bat we saw in July while we were playing with fireworks one night and he flew by us outta nowhere. Yes, I was scared then also!! I am afraid of frogs and insects and bugs and anything that moves. Yes, it includes cats and dogs!!! I cannot help myself I am petrified and mortified!!!!

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