Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008


I have to give credit to Dillards!!! But, I have to wrap the rest. Will I ever finish? Only a few more gifts to buy and we are done!!! YAY!

Next week, I hope to bake some cookies!! I hope you are having a stress-free holiday season.

It is chilly here in N. Texas!!! BRRRRRR!!!
Enjoy the pics!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Cool Ornaments and some Ribbon Candy

I just looove hand-blown glass ornaments. They are so Vintage and I love Fenniels. I guess you could say I like all Christmas things Traditional and Old-Fashioned. Including the Old-Fashioned Ribbon Candy. It is so pretty and delicate you do not want to eat it.



Hello! Gosh, it is Monday again. I am almost through decorating!! Just a couple of more things to decorate upstairs and I will finally be done!!!

And I hope to get some "spa" time in today! I need it.

Anyway, Thank you for stopping by to visit me today!

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Good Morning!

It is Monday, and I have been feeling ill since Saturday. Going to the Doctor today.

I guess my body has had all that it can handle as I have been going non-stop since the week of November 17th. Cleaning house, pulling all the storage boxes (from the attic) which are filled with Christmas Decor, and out with my husband looking for a new truck. My body finally gave out on me mid Saturday morning! Had to finally relax and take a hot "spa" bath with some Lavender Scented Epsom Salt. Needless to say, it helped but not enough to cure my body aches and pains.


Anywhoo, our tree has been decorated for way over a week and half now and the outside lights as well. We are just about finished decorating the downstairs. The upstairs is a mess with storage boxes and decor everywhere. Have to decorate the stair rails, put the village up and put the outside yard art today. It was too cold and windy yesterday. Although, it seems at times like I will never get it all done, but eventually everything falls into place and the all hard work and effort make it all worth it when I sit down each night and relax with a glass of wine and admire all the twinkling lights on the tree. Beautiful! So here are a couple of pics to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by today!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day