Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introducing Benji our new little Shih Tzu

On Thursday, May 14th we decided to take a peek at the pets at Petland store in N. Arlington and guess what? They had three Shih Tzu's. One was like six weeks old and the others a little older. The sales clerk brought out the tinyest one but we told her we wanted one that was a little older because our Bruiser (Llasha Aspo) would probably hurt it.

Anyway, she brought out one and we got to play with him and he was just loving us and showing off and jumping on us and literally jumped out of my arms onto the floor. I heard a loud thump when he hit the floor and it scared me and then he jumped back up and started playing again. He stole our heart and then we found out he was born on my husband's birthday and yes, that sealed the deal. We brought him home with us.

After going back and forth with three names we decided on Benji. Although, Spunky would have been right as well because of his black and white fur. He kinda looks like a little skunk to me!! Anyway, we got home and brought Bruiser outside and introduced them in the yard and let them play. They got along good and kept wagging their tails but then Bruiser started playing rough and it was on. LOL!

Our little Benji has cried the last two nights and we are trying to get him paper trained. We were lucky when we got Bruiser as a pup he was already paper trained. Most of you do not know me, but if you did you would know that I was never ever a dog lover much less like or go near animals (as they scare me) and I let Bruiser into our home and he stole my heart and I was the one who said we should get another puppy for Bruiser to play with. So here we go again training another puppy. Life is good!!!

Here is a picture of Benji and Bruiser. It is kinda blurry but it was hard getting this shot.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


In honor of Mother's Day and my Dear Grandmother......

Happy Mother's Day!

My Grandmother passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 6th with her loving family surrounded by her side. She was the "best" Grandma ever! I love you and miss you so much and know that you are with our Heavenly Father. Go Rest in Peace.

And to my mother, Happy Mother's Day and I am praying that God will comfort you. I love you.

My Grandmother had three families with five generations! The picture below is of my Grandmother, my Mother, my twin sister and her daughter and then her daughter.
What an honor and legacy!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day