Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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Our family has grown by four paws!!! Saturday, we went to N. Arlington to do some shopping and thought we would go into Petland "just to look" around and the moment we walked in we were approached by a sales lady and she quickly told us that she had a Lhasa Apso and a couple of Shih Tzu's. We were curious and asked to see them. Well, the Shih Tzu's were so dang cute but we put them away and played with the Lhasa and fell in love. So we ended up buying him. I love Shih Tzu's but we just bought Benji, our Shih Tzu in May and he is hyper and has a mind of his own and barks like crazy and hates being in his kennel. I cannot complain about Bruiser, our Lhasa (we got him as a puppy also in December) he has grown so much and weighs 19pounds. He is such a good dog!!!! He is getting to where he grunts at the other two if they are in his space. Strange, as he has never done that before. I guess he is showing them who's Boss around here! HA!

When we finally got home we brought our other two puppies, (Bruiser a Lhasa and Benji a Shih Tzu) outside to meet Brewster, our new little Lhasa. He was greeted by the two with lot's of sniffing, licking, and loads of affection. They all get along and play well together for now.

Brewster cried so much the first night home and did not like being in his kennel. After many sightings of poo we noticed he was suffering from a case of Diarrhea. And Monday morning he woke up early squirming and yelping like someone was trying to kill him. We jumped out of bed and got him out of his kennel and were welcomed with the scent of poo and poo all over his body!!!! We took him outside and cleaned him with puppy wipes and then took him a bath. Poor guy, looked like he was saying "get this shit off of me." It's funny when you think about it now but at the time I was gagging and wanting to puke!!!!

He is so adorable and very smart. He can go up and down the stairs already and today he jumped on the gate (which prevents him from going upstairs) and put it at a angle and climbed right over it. I am afraid he will slip through the spindles because he is soooo small.

We took him to the Dr. on Monday and his diarrhea is almost gone. Bruiser, had surgery Monday to remove a Hernia and Benji had surgery yesterday to get nuetered. Talk about EXPENSES!!!!!

And next month we will have to board all three while we go away on our vacation to Alaska!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For the last two months we have had many home improvement projects going on. This included painting the inside, adding crown moldings in the rooms which did not have it, weatherproofing doors and windows, added a frame around a window which was an eyesore before, getting a new roof as I blog this, gutters, wind turbines, painting the outside starting this week, etc, etc. My house is looking better each day and I have been working my tail off getting everything back in order and cleaned. I am a clean freak and will not stop until it is done. After all this, I am thinking I might hire a Maid once and for all! I could use a good massage right now and am soooo looking forward to when it is all done!

I do have something to look forward to next month and that is a 12-day vacation to Alaska! We are doing a land/cruise excursion and I am excited. I have a lot to do before then, which includes some shopping and spa time!!! For now enjoy this picture of my updated bathroom which is near my spectacular craft room. No pics to post of it yet as it is a mess and full of papers everywhere!!! My mess of course! I hope to get it in order soon and get back to crafting. My Photography has since taken over! Anyway, as soon as I download other pics of the house I will post. Our home is only four years old but it needed updating which also included hanging drapes, and changing out linens and bathroom rugs, etc. Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!!!

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