Friday, December 11, 2009


I totally got my dates mixed up for PW's book signing in Dallas. I thought it was Dec. 7th and it was on Dec. 1st!  I was at the mall shopping all day and took a break to check out my Facebook and there was a message on Pioneer Woman's Facebook about the booksigning.   I booked it home to feed my puppies and thought I was giving myself ample time to get there.  I should have known better......dealing with Dallas Traffic takes me over an hour to get there and the rain did not help.  Our GPS would not work, therefore we went the opposite direction on Preston (or whatever street the Borders was on I have forgotten by now).  I am not familiar with Dallas and do not go there unless it is for the State Fair of Texas.  I am a Fort Worth gal and always will be.  We do not have the traffic Dallas has and that makes me love my hometown even more!

I was so surprised at all the cars and no parking spaces left in the shopping center. Luckily, my husband drove me so he dropped me off at the door and parked way yonder! Rain still coming down!  I ran inside and was surprised again at how many people were there and lines everywhere! I got in line to purchase the book and was handed a silver wrist band.  Found a chair behind the black roped area and got a good view of the Pioneer Woman.  After seeing so many lines and people I knew it would be late in the night before my color would be called.  So, after watching all the other lucky gals meet and talk with PW and her girls I just decided to leave.  I went to the counter and traded my unsigned book for a pre-signed book by PW. 

I was bummed that I did not get to meet her personally, but hey I got some good pictures of her and her girls and I feel like we met somehow someway!  I really wanted one of those cute and so chic T-shirts!  I had no chance of getting one because from reading other blogger's post they ran out.  Maybe, just maybe Ree will read this and send me one!!!

Maybe some day I will be invited over to the Ranch and have an opportunity to meet her and her family!  Just maybe!!  Ree, are you hearing me??

I can hardly wait, well my thighs can wait but I can't to make some of her great recipes which are in her cookbook!  Enjoy the pics and have a great day!


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I love her and have her cookbook...I would love to go to a book signing!

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you very much for your kind visit to my blog. You are always welcome anytime my friend!

I just adore PW too! I'm so sorry you missed it though. I need to buy the cookbook ASAP. It looks great.

Happy New Year! ~Melissa :)

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