Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Family Wall Red Christmas Card
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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good Morning! I thought I would follow Kelly's Korner Blogspot today and show you our Foyer in our home that is now on the market. Back in June we found a home that we really liked and purchased it. It is less formal and maybe 1000 square feet less with a four car garage and is one story with a beautiful circular drive and a back yard that backs up to a huge pecan orchard where deer roam free! A gated community 50 miles and at least one hour away from shopping and dining in the Fort Worth area!!! Husband is I am adjusting to the country life and missing being so close to Michaels and a Target!

Believe it or not, we are still trying to move things out of our big empty house in Keller and still unpacking and organizing the new home. It is hard and stressful right now trying to get it organized, cleaned and decorated for the holidays. But, I was regretting the move therefore I took my sweet time.....hubby is still not so pleased with that act!!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love Wine Toppers

Hello!!!! I got behind on blogging and hope I did not lose any readers I might have had!!!! (right!) Anyway, I found this new Glass Pumpkin Wine Topper at Hallmark the other day and just had to have it along with three others! Anyway, this one broke on me already when I twisted it so now to return it and find another one.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A New Wine I tried......

I love the label on this Wine bottle and how appropriate for this holiday season......Halloween! I have had my eye on it for quite sometime and finally decided to purchase it. I have seen it at World Market but was at Target last night and bought it there. It was $20.00 not so cheap but well worth it! It tasted sooooo good!

Have a great Winey day!!!!

PS- Have I mentioned we got tickets to the World Series for next Monday???? Go RANGERS!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


They did it!!!! What a way to start the morning!!! It was such a blast being there at the game when all the excitement was non-stop and the fireworks and confetti falling down. So much fun!!!!! I loved it!!!! "Congratulations" to our TEXAS RANGERS!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



We got tickets for Friday nights game, but hoping they will wrap it up with a win in NY!!!! Then we will try to get tickets to the World Series ----- WOO-HOO! I love my RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


My broken wrist is healing everyday and my weekly therapy is helping!!! Still trying to get settled in the new home and adjust to it. But, still have to get the other one cleaned and ready to sell!!!!!

Been busy as a Bee, but am able to use both of my hands now and can take pictures again. I have taken some time out to have fun with all my new Halloween Decorations and have decorated the front porch at the new home.

I have missed blogging!!!! Please stop by to visit me here in blogland as I do enjoy reading comments when I get them!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Almost two weeks ago this coming Monday I took a very bad fall down my stairs and tripped over my Doggie Gate. I had my hands full with my three Flip Camcorder and new Canon Powershot and was not holding on to the rail and lost my balance when my PJ pant got caught up in the gate. I had no control and everything fell out of my hands and I tripped over two steps and the gate onto the hardwood flooring. I braced myself with my right arm and heard a loud crush on my wrist. I was hurting so bad I just laid there and cried out loud but yet there seemed to be hardly any tears. I finally got the courage to take a look at my arm and thought I had just sprang it. Hubby was in kitchen when all took place and ran to aid me. I would not let him get near me and my dogs were hoovering around me as well. I finally took another look after saying I would be okay and did not want hubby to take me to ER. He looked at it and said you are going to ER I said, crying......yes I think I broke it as it looked all deformed!!! It brought back the unfaithful memory of when I broke my arm as a child and I remembered how deformed it looked. Well, my wrist was deformed and it was hurting like hell!!

Hubby was in a hurry to get me to ER....I insisted on changing and taking a picture of the broken wrist. That night of all nights.....I had on my holiest PJ's!! and no bra on! It was not easy I changed with the help of hubby and got the picture taken. I cried all the way to ER and while there. ER took Xrays and said it was a pretty bad break and they gave me Morphine to ease my pain. We finally got to go home at 4:00 am and the accident took place at 1130 pm. I had to go back to ER the next day bc the wrap around my wrist and arm was too tight and it was cutting off circulation. Anyway, since then I have had surgery, therapy and many Dr.'s visits. I am doing better but hate that I can hardly do anything by myself. It is a challenge. And we are still in the middle of moving!!!!! Funny, how this happened to me bc I was complaining and saying how this move was disrupting my life......apparently GOD heard me and said "I will show you disrupt" anyway, I took my brace off a couple of times this week and right now I can type with two hands so I am making progress. As soon as I find a pic of my injury I will post. I have misssed catching up on my favorite blogs!!!!! Stay tuned!!! I am still around!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A BIG empty house

I am saddened and a little overwhelmed with so much packing to do and having movers come and take it all to the country where we will start another chapter in our lives!

Moving 50 miles out of the city into the country! I hope I can adjust!!!! I have been trying to hold off from moving as I would love to keep both homes but that is out of the question!

I will miss being close to my family and friends and all my favorite shopping places and restuarants! But, we must press on!!!

Another busy week ahead and still a housefull of furniture to sell including a pool table and media equipment as we are downsizing and will not have a media room or gameroom. I will miss watching movies on the huge screen.....but it's okay we are going from 106 inches screen to 60! I hope my eyes can adjust! LOL!

Have a great week!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it Monday again??

Me, Rhonda, and Judy on the rooftop at Reata in Downtown Fort Worth. Fun Times!!

I had another busy weekend!!! Dinner with friends and family and cleaning house. I hate when my house is unorderly and dusty!! We are moving so I have been selling furniture and accessories left and right. Anyone need any custom made draperies? Yes, I am selling these pictured in my living room. I am super excited we are getting a brand new Salt Water Spa delivered to our new home and we got a brand new leather couch which has two electric reclining seats on each end. YAY!!!! Now to keep the dogs off of it......HELP!!! Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It has been a tough job picking out paint colors and carpet for our new home. I want it to stay bright and cheerful but, I seem to go back to the neutral colors!
It is hard because I change my mind and second guess my selections over and over.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Days = Good Times

Wow! What a wonderful but busy week we had at the Parsons Household!!! I cannot remember everything we did, but it was fun!!!
Monday I had to go back to the Oral Surgeon for a post follow-up visit from the oral surgery I had on June 14th. If I have not mentioned before I am getting two implants! Talk about being expensive and a long process, but I have the BEST Oral Surgeon in FTW!!! My gums are still tender so I have to eat slowly but, trust me I am getting it all in my mouth and seeing a one pound gain then a one pound loss. Go figure!!!
Took the three doggies in for grooming and they have been staying indoors because it has been too hot outside.
We are closing on a new house (well, fairly new - it is only four years old) it is in great condition and is 1,000 SQ smaller than ours and has a four car garage. It is a one story - we now live in a 4,000 SQ two story. We are going to paint the inside and replace the carpet. We love this house and it has a huge circular drive. We will be members of two Country Clubs which are in the development. Our house backs up to a Pecan Plantation!!!! Deer run freely through this development. I am going to miss the city life but my husband is excited about the country life!!!

I had a couple of friends over the other night for some wine and good food! We talked and drank a lot of wine!!!

A dear friend gave us tickets to go to the Ranger game on Wednesday night. They played the Pirates and we won. It was a great game and we sat fourth row up from First Base!!!! We went again on Friday night to see the Rangers play the Houston Astros!!! We paid $90 a piece for our tickets because we love sitting in the Lexus level and be able to enjoy hard liquor or Wine and we love being waited on! But, the rain started coming down and did not let up until about the 5th inning or so and we did not want to get wet so we went to sit in the Cuervo Club and watched some of the game on the Big Screens! I could have done that at home in our media room!!!! Anyway, finally around the 7th inning we got to go sit at our seats. It was fun anyway despite the rain!!!

Saturday we went shopping in Southlake and then hubby and I went to the Salon to have the Ultimate Pedicure and Manicure along with some WINE!!! Then we came home and got dressed and went out to eat dinner and celebrate our six year anniversary! We love fine dining and went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and hubby splurged on me and bought me an expensive bottle of wine which cost $110 it was sooooo GOOD! I will finish off the bottle tonight! We had a great tasting dessert too! The manager at Ruth Chris hooked us up with VIP treatment at the Scat Lounge: Free cover, Free drinks and reserved seating!!!! We had a great night!!!

Today, we took the top down on the Vette to go eat some Mexican Food and then shop a little but came home quickly as it was way too hot to be in a Convertible!!!
We have a busy week ahead of us: we are closing on our new home!! We have a lot of stuff to get rid of, well to sell and pack! I am not looking forward to that plus, putting our home on the market!!!

I hope it sells quickly!!! I have been slacking and should be getting rid of stuff by having a garage sale. Each weekend has been too busy for that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy the pics!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Six years ago today we got married!! We enjoy each other's company everyday and everyday is a date night!!!

This is a video of our celebration last June 2009

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is my Shih Tzu, Benji. He loves to drink/sip water from the faucet. It's not like he has a big bowl of water near him. He is sooooo CUTE and loveable!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Show Us Your Life - China Patterns

I thought I would join in on the fun at KellysKorner and show you the China my husband and I inherited from his mother. We have five sets of China and five sets of Silverware and other Silver Hostess sets, etc. which were handed down to him.

This one is my favorite!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I feel GREAT!!!!

Finally, a picture of me after losing 20 pounds and 15 3/4 inches overall.

Exercsing everyday!!! Trying to stay in shape!!! I love this hoola-hoop it has weights in it and is very easy to do but, I will admit it hurts your tummy. I have a three pounder and a five pounder!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I have not been to the mall in forever!!!! Well, it has been awhile. I had to go because I have been on a strict diet and have lost 19 pound away from my goal of 20 and all of my clothing are too big and falling off of me! That is good thing!!!!

I have went from a size 10 to a 4 and have bought some shorts that are a size 2!!!! OMG, I cannot believe it!! I am happy and satisfied but at the same time I am dying for a piece of Chocolate Cake or a piece of Coconut Creme Pie and of course, Mexican Food and my WINE!!!! Everything in moderation.....I know! I am learning. I plan to keep on eating clean and healthy and organic and will indulge every now and then. Most of all I have to keep exercising!!!!

It has been a long and tough journey to say the least but I am HUNGRY---errr happy!!! I will be rewarding myself with a SPA day too!!! My husband has lost over 30pounds!!! Since I have lost a bra size (that I did not want - lost my booty too, LOL) he said I could get implants!!!! TMI-I know! He is too sweet!!!

So, I just wanted to brag and share my happiness and show you a couple of things that I bought. It was fun shopping at Victoria's Secret!!!!!(for a change) I am thinking I will go to Fredericks for some new lingerie!!!! LOL! In the Express bag are some cute shorts, capri pants, and T-shirts.

I am also reading this magazine and book to get new tips on healthy eating. Thanks for reading my post today!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Crafty Side

When I first started this blog it was to be for my hobby, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Photography, and to write about my life, etc. etc. Since I started this blog I started sharing my photography. I love taking pictures of anything and everything. I have had a passion for photography all of my life but got more into it five or six years ago. I love playing with my three Flip Camcorders too! (yes, I really do have three-I know it's crazy) But, with three dogs I love having the camcorders and cameras ready to go so that I can capture every move my dogs make!!! LOL!

Back to crafting: I have a room dedicated to my hobby! A room full of brand new crafting materials: Stickers, ribbons, ink pads, rubber stamps, and tons of things to alter, and tons of embellishments and paints, etc. etc. It is like walking into a Michaels or Hobby Lobby, I have that much invested. Crazy---yes!!! I have soooo many unfinished projects. I keep telling myself I will get back into crafting. So, tonight I had the urge, but first I had to clean up my workroom!! I have been "spring" cleaning or "purging" and shredding papers and getting rid of old magazines and personal papers, receipts, etc. which I have collected over the years!!!

Okay - got sidetracked again! Here is a card I made for my Dear friend, Judy. The two of us have been on a strict diet (my husband, too) and it is a tough diet to follow-thru but we have been doing it and are very happy with our results so far!!!

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Finally, I have the picture ICON back! I do not know what I did to make it disappear! I have been busy SPRING cleaning but still have piles and piles of paper everywhere!!! My downstairs is all cleaned with the exception of the hardwood floors which need to be cleaned, waxed, and buffed! Then my next project will be the upstairs. OMG! That will be a month long job! My house is too big and we have way too much stuff and three dogs to add to the mess (cleaning up and picking up after them) but I love them!!!!

We removed our carpet due to the pets ruining it. We had ceramic tile put down and it came out so pretty. I really like it (and I was opposed to it before). Does any one use any of those sweepers that have steam? I am thinking that would be a good investment for the ceramic tile. I just do not know which one to buy. I only want the BEST! LOL!

I have been on the edge lately. Hubby and I are on a strict diet and have been without alot of the foods and drinks we come to think we could not ever live without! LOL! I have lost 7 and 1/2 pounds and he has lost 18 pounds. I will say this, we are eating healthier and I am exercising again.

I have a busy day ahead of me so enjoy this picture of my new look in my living room and a picture of my doggies. We had to get Brewster, our Lhasa shaved. He had such a beautiful coat of hair but it had soooo many matts. Now, he really looks like a Lhasa!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been pretty busy.....trying to plant, spring clean, etc. etc.

I just do not like all this wind and the coldness it brings.....where is the Sunshine today? Hiding beneath the rain clouds I suppose!

I just wanted to share this picture of my Brewster!!! Have a great day!!!
Okay Blogger is not cooperating.....I cannot upload a picture....grrrr! Well check back later and see if it will let me then!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Trip to Paris and back

I was daydreaming this morning about Paris and thought I would bake The Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs!  I had all of the ingredients in my panty except for the Baking Powder!!!! I had to go and borrow some from my neighbor and she happened to have some! Thank God!

I pulled out my French Press as it has never been used since I bought it.  I enjoyed my Pastry and Coffee!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

China and Silver

Some of the things we inherited from my husband's parents.  I love this China Pattern and the pink color!!! I can hardly wait to use it.  We have five wooden boxes full of Silverware which needs to be cleaned.  Tea Sets, etc.  The Silverware pictured is called Eternally Yours.  How Sweet it is!   I have my work cut out for me (cleaning Silver) but will enjoy using all of it! Enjoy the pics! Oh, I forgot to mention......Mike came home with two Fur Coats which belonged to his mother.  They are both very pretty and fit me but where in the heck will I wear those to???? What to do with them.......what to do?????

Some inspiration for Valentines Day