Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love them and own many!!! But, here lately my whole right side cannot handle all the weight from carrying my big bags!!!!

This evening I went to the mall with my husband and told him I was searching for a smaller handbag. He smiled!!! He knows how much I carry in my bag and wonders why I carry everything I carry?  Anyway, I found two handbags I could not leave without!!!!

He let me buy both!!!  A small Coach and a small Dooney and Burke!!! I think he thinks if he bought me those two I would soon forget about the Louis Vuitton bag that I want!!!! NOT!!!! I do own a small Louis Vuitton and never use it because it is too small.......well it is not that small but STILL!!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture of my biggest and latest handbag that he bought me at an event at the Convention Center here.  This bag is too cool!!! I love the huge fat strap and it hangs perfectly on my shoulder but the the weight of it kills me!!! This bag is soooo cool!!! It has alot of pockets and a place to carry your cell phone separately and your keys separately. The only thing is my IPhone will not fit in that compartment!!! The cool thing I like about this bag is that it has two pockets on the inside sides and can hold two water bottles!!!! The other pocket is insulated like with the aluminumn looking panels you know?  You could carry the miniture bottle of wine in your purse and it would stay cold!!!! LOL!!!! Anyway, I cannot handle a big bag anymore.  It is hard on me when I go shopping and I always have to throw my bag in a shoppping cart and when I wear heavy coats it continues to slip off my shoulder. Problems, problems, I know!!!

So, here are pics of the two handbags my sweet and loving husband bought for me tonight!!!!
And Dillard's was having a G-R-E-A-T sale with an additional 30 percent off the sale price......too bad that did not include the purses!!! Anyway, I got a pair of Ellen Tracy pants for dirt CHEAP!!!! My husband is soooooo SWEET!!!!!
Now I have to go on another shopping trip and find some brown shoes and a brown handbag. Hey, do not frown ~ my Birthday is coming up real soon and so is Valentine's Day and I have been a very good GIRL!!!! LOL!!!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day