Monday, May 3, 2010


I have not been to the mall in forever!!!! Well, it has been awhile. I had to go because I have been on a strict diet and have lost 19 pound away from my goal of 20 and all of my clothing are too big and falling off of me! That is good thing!!!!

I have went from a size 10 to a 4 and have bought some shorts that are a size 2!!!! OMG, I cannot believe it!! I am happy and satisfied but at the same time I am dying for a piece of Chocolate Cake or a piece of Coconut Creme Pie and of course, Mexican Food and my WINE!!!! Everything in moderation.....I know! I am learning. I plan to keep on eating clean and healthy and organic and will indulge every now and then. Most of all I have to keep exercising!!!!

It has been a long and tough journey to say the least but I am HUNGRY---errr happy!!! I will be rewarding myself with a SPA day too!!! My husband has lost over 30pounds!!! Since I have lost a bra size (that I did not want - lost my booty too, LOL) he said I could get implants!!!! TMI-I know! He is too sweet!!!

So, I just wanted to brag and share my happiness and show you a couple of things that I bought. It was fun shopping at Victoria's Secret!!!!!(for a change) I am thinking I will go to Fredericks for some new lingerie!!!! LOL! In the Express bag are some cute shorts, capri pants, and T-shirts.

I am also reading this magazine and book to get new tips on healthy eating. Thanks for reading my post today!!!!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day