Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Days = Good Times

Wow! What a wonderful but busy week we had at the Parsons Household!!! I cannot remember everything we did, but it was fun!!!
Monday I had to go back to the Oral Surgeon for a post follow-up visit from the oral surgery I had on June 14th. If I have not mentioned before I am getting two implants! Talk about being expensive and a long process, but I have the BEST Oral Surgeon in FTW!!! My gums are still tender so I have to eat slowly but, trust me I am getting it all in my mouth and seeing a one pound gain then a one pound loss. Go figure!!!
Took the three doggies in for grooming and they have been staying indoors because it has been too hot outside.
We are closing on a new house (well, fairly new - it is only four years old) it is in great condition and is 1,000 SQ smaller than ours and has a four car garage. It is a one story - we now live in a 4,000 SQ two story. We are going to paint the inside and replace the carpet. We love this house and it has a huge circular drive. We will be members of two Country Clubs which are in the development. Our house backs up to a Pecan Plantation!!!! Deer run freely through this development. I am going to miss the city life but my husband is excited about the country life!!!

I had a couple of friends over the other night for some wine and good food! We talked and drank a lot of wine!!!

A dear friend gave us tickets to go to the Ranger game on Wednesday night. They played the Pirates and we won. It was a great game and we sat fourth row up from First Base!!!! We went again on Friday night to see the Rangers play the Houston Astros!!! We paid $90 a piece for our tickets because we love sitting in the Lexus level and be able to enjoy hard liquor or Wine and we love being waited on! But, the rain started coming down and did not let up until about the 5th inning or so and we did not want to get wet so we went to sit in the Cuervo Club and watched some of the game on the Big Screens! I could have done that at home in our media room!!!! Anyway, finally around the 7th inning we got to go sit at our seats. It was fun anyway despite the rain!!!

Saturday we went shopping in Southlake and then hubby and I went to the Salon to have the Ultimate Pedicure and Manicure along with some WINE!!! Then we came home and got dressed and went out to eat dinner and celebrate our six year anniversary! We love fine dining and went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse and hubby splurged on me and bought me an expensive bottle of wine which cost $110 it was sooooo GOOD! I will finish off the bottle tonight! We had a great tasting dessert too! The manager at Ruth Chris hooked us up with VIP treatment at the Scat Lounge: Free cover, Free drinks and reserved seating!!!! We had a great night!!!

Today, we took the top down on the Vette to go eat some Mexican Food and then shop a little but came home quickly as it was way too hot to be in a Convertible!!!
We have a busy week ahead of us: we are closing on our new home!! We have a lot of stuff to get rid of, well to sell and pack! I am not looking forward to that plus, putting our home on the market!!!

I hope it sells quickly!!! I have been slacking and should be getting rid of stuff by having a garage sale. Each weekend has been too busy for that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy the pics!!!


Karen said...

Hi. Your Rangers got our Vladi. He was having a rough time with us - he just wasn't doing much.
We have a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse close by in Pasadena CA. LOVE IT!
And you love wine . . . Girl is there anything we can have in common?
further back I go . . . .
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

Melissa Miller said...

Lisa you look beautiful! Congrats on your future new home! How exciting it that. I can't wait to see photos. It sounds peaceful and very pretty.

Thank you very much for your kind words on my new hair and weight loss. I really appreciate it.

Happpy 4th sweet friend!
~Melissa :)

PS I hope your teeth heal up well.

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