This is my Shih Tzu, Benji. He loves to drink/sip water from the faucet. It's not like he has a big bowl of water near him. He is sooooo CUTE and loveable!!! Enjoy!


Karen said…
Hi there!
I'm so glad you visited! I'm having such fun reading through your older posts. And I'm lovin' your little Shih tzu.
OK I am going to share something kind of dumb . . . (hehehe) our "Sheets" as we call them - drink from a rat bottle. There is no mess all over their faces, no water dripping on the floor - it's perfect. We have it mounted to a gate we have that locks them in the kitchen out of the dining room. This video you posted looks like yours might enjoy it too!
OK, off I go - further back . . .
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

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