Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is my Shih Tzu, Benji. He loves to drink/sip water from the faucet. It's not like he has a big bowl of water near him. He is sooooo CUTE and loveable!!! Enjoy!

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Karen said...

Hi there!
I'm so glad you visited! I'm having such fun reading through your older posts. And I'm lovin' your little Shih tzu.
OK I am going to share something kind of dumb . . . (hehehe) our "Sheets" as we call them - drink from a rat bottle. There is no mess all over their faces, no water dripping on the floor - it's perfect. We have it mounted to a gate we have that locks them in the kitchen out of the dining room. This video you posted looks like yours might enjoy it too!
OK, off I go - further back . . .
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

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