Monday, August 23, 2010

A BIG empty house

I am saddened and a little overwhelmed with so much packing to do and having movers come and take it all to the country where we will start another chapter in our lives!

Moving 50 miles out of the city into the country! I hope I can adjust!!!! I have been trying to hold off from moving as I would love to keep both homes but that is out of the question!

I will miss being close to my family and friends and all my favorite shopping places and restuarants! But, we must press on!!!

Another busy week ahead and still a housefull of furniture to sell including a pool table and media equipment as we are downsizing and will not have a media room or gameroom. I will miss watching movies on the huge screen.....but it's okay we are going from 106 inches screen to 60! I hope my eyes can adjust! LOL!

Have a great week!!!

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