Sunday, September 12, 2010


Almost two weeks ago this coming Monday I took a very bad fall down my stairs and tripped over my Doggie Gate. I had my hands full with my three Flip Camcorder and new Canon Powershot and was not holding on to the rail and lost my balance when my PJ pant got caught up in the gate. I had no control and everything fell out of my hands and I tripped over two steps and the gate onto the hardwood flooring. I braced myself with my right arm and heard a loud crush on my wrist. I was hurting so bad I just laid there and cried out loud but yet there seemed to be hardly any tears. I finally got the courage to take a look at my arm and thought I had just sprang it. Hubby was in kitchen when all took place and ran to aid me. I would not let him get near me and my dogs were hoovering around me as well. I finally took another look after saying I would be okay and did not want hubby to take me to ER. He looked at it and said you are going to ER I said, crying......yes I think I broke it as it looked all deformed!!! It brought back the unfaithful memory of when I broke my arm as a child and I remembered how deformed it looked. Well, my wrist was deformed and it was hurting like hell!!

Hubby was in a hurry to get me to ER....I insisted on changing and taking a picture of the broken wrist. That night of all nights.....I had on my holiest PJ's!! and no bra on! It was not easy I changed with the help of hubby and got the picture taken. I cried all the way to ER and while there. ER took Xrays and said it was a pretty bad break and they gave me Morphine to ease my pain. We finally got to go home at 4:00 am and the accident took place at 1130 pm. I had to go back to ER the next day bc the wrap around my wrist and arm was too tight and it was cutting off circulation. Anyway, since then I have had surgery, therapy and many Dr.'s visits. I am doing better but hate that I can hardly do anything by myself. It is a challenge. And we are still in the middle of moving!!!!! Funny, how this happened to me bc I was complaining and saying how this move was disrupting my life......apparently GOD heard me and said "I will show you disrupt" anyway, I took my brace off a couple of times this week and right now I can type with two hands so I am making progress. As soon as I find a pic of my injury I will post. I have misssed catching up on my favorite blogs!!!!! Stay tuned!!! I am still around!!!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day