Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking the streets of Downtown Fort Worth

We headed out to Downtown Fort Worth today to see all of the things set up.....such as ESPN and all the media and other things for the Super Bowl. We had lunch at the Omni Hotel and I had Bison Chili and hubby had a salad. Oh, and I had an Expresso was good and a little too strong. The only thing missing was the Almond Biscotti which was supposed to be in it but, the waitress said they did not have any!!! WTH??? Anyway, I am not eating sweets right now so it was just as well because I would have eaten it. HA!!!

I will post more pics tomorrow, but for now enjoy these!!! We are supposed to get some ice and a little snow.....we shall see! Being 50 or more miles out of the city now I doubt it if we will get any!!!! Boo-hoo!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still decorating the new home

I just wanted to post a couple of pics of the Formal Dining Area and the Entrance. I know I need area rugs to make the rooms pop.....but am reluctant to buy rugs again as my dogs love to have accidents on them!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!

Christmas Wine Toppers

I submitted this photo to Pioneer Woman's Bokeh contest but I do not think it was even looked at :( oh well! I thought it was pretty cool!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I got for Christmas!!!! I love the smell of these Fresh Sugar products from Sephora!!! Smells soooo clean and fresh you may want to lick your skin after applying!!! I also love love my Betsy Johnson Monkey ring!!!! Too Fun!!!! And the Whipped Lightning is yummy and you can really taste the alcohol in it.....heck you better for $13.00 a can!!! Have not tried the Teas yet but my dear friend has and she said "yum"!!!! And last but not least the Cinnamon Sugar.....Mexican Style? Well, it is good and that is coming from a Mexican!!!! HA!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I just wanted to wish all my blogging friends a Happy New Year!!!!! Pictured here are two of my dogs.....Benji and Bruiser. Mr. Brewster, the baby does not like to have his picture taken nor does he like being dressed for the occasion!!!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day