Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking the streets of Downtown Fort Worth

We headed out to Downtown Fort Worth today to see all of the things set up.....such as ESPN and all the media and other things for the Super Bowl. We had lunch at the Omni Hotel and I had Bison Chili and hubby had a salad. Oh, and I had an Expresso was good and a little too strong. The only thing missing was the Almond Biscotti which was supposed to be in it but, the waitress said they did not have any!!! WTH??? Anyway, I am not eating sweets right now so it was just as well because I would have eaten it. HA!!!

I will post more pics tomorrow, but for now enjoy these!!! We are supposed to get some ice and a little snow.....we shall see! Being 50 or more miles out of the city now I doubt it if we will get any!!!! Boo-hoo!



Desert Dreaming said...

Lisa, I have family there in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. My cousin from Ft. Worth was also at the Omni last evening and posted some beautiful pictures of the inside on her Facebook, they were stunning especially the spa area. They had such a great time. We hosted the Superbowl here, I think 2 years ago in Tampa, it was so much fun. Seeing all the celebrities at the events, was just different, everyone in a great mood - ummm, before the Super Bowl. Love your pictures, can't wait to see more. Have fun!


Lynette said...

Can't wait to see more photos.

Some inspiration for Valentines Day