Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Decorating

I have been shopping and shopping way too much for the last month and a half! Buying Easter Decorations, clothing, shoes, and accessories for our upcoming trip to Napa next month! My house is so unorganized and needs cleaning!!!! But, I still managed to get the Eastor Decorations up!!!! Planning dinners and lunches using my new Weight Watchers cookbooks. Since joining Weight Watchers two weeks ago to help me maintain the weight I have lost I have not been counting my points. Went to a meeting yesterday and whoa!!! I gained 2.4 pounds and hubby lost 1.5 pounds. Go figure!!! We have to get on track and start watching our calorie intake. I made a meal yesterday using only Five Ingredients. It was yummy!! Did I stop at one serving? NO!!!! It was that good. A post will follow soon with pics of that delicious and easy meal!!!!

Well, I need to go put away all the things I have purchased and I know somewhere under all those bags lies a dinette table!!! LOL!

PS- Hubby and I have been busy with Spring Planting.......loving all the blooming herbs in our window sills!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello from the Boys!!!

Happy Spring!!! I captured this Butterfly and Bee the other day as my hubby was doing some Spring Planting for me!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day