Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I went Strawberrie Picking today!!!


Dear Sweet Home said...

Yummy and fun! Thank you for your comment on my blog - you asked about the wall color - it is called Basket Beige - it is a Sherwin Williams color but we had it mixed at Pittsburg Paints because that is who our builder used. Good luck with the color selection. When we built our house, picking out paint was the hardest thing to me!

Melissa Miller said...

Lisa I had no idea you had asked me about my paint colors before. I must have missed it. We painted our home over five years ago and I can't remember what type of finish it is. I'm sure the colors we used are long gone from stores by now as well. I can't wait to paint our next home. We are moving later on this year.

Good luck with yours! ~Melissa

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