Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Self-Portrait Photo Shoot

Me and Hubby

Me and my car! Love it!

Me and my Bruiser! Love Him!

It was a beautiful warm/cool sunny day and the evening felt like a cool/windy California evening!!!! Hubby took the Corvette and got it spify clean and shiny and I drove us to Dinner with the top down!!! It was fun to take it for a drive as most times it is garage kept!!!!

I also took out the tripod and took some pics of me and hubby!!! I am downloading the pics now but will post more later! For now enjoy this one of me and our Bruiser!!!

Have a great day!!! Well Blogger is not letting me post pics for now? grrrrr.....lately it has not been friendly!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Loving my new Wig!!!

I forgot to add this picture earlier.....it is me and my Bruiser!

Have I ever mentioned how I love to play dress up and put on Wigs? It is so fun and makes for fun photography and entertainment!!!! Here's hoping I will look this good when I get O-L-D-E-R!!!!!

We have been getting alot of rain and it has made our backyard and the Pecan Orchard soooooo Green!!! I could not resist taking a picture of the beautiful scenary!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day