Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Self-Portrait Photo Shoot

Me and Hubby

Me and my car! Love it!

Me and my Bruiser! Love Him!

It was a beautiful warm/cool sunny day and the evening felt like a cool/windy California evening!!!! Hubby took the Corvette and got it spify clean and shiny and I drove us to Dinner with the top down!!! It was fun to take it for a drive as most times it is garage kept!!!!

I also took out the tripod and took some pics of me and hubby!!! I am downloading the pics now but will post more later! For now enjoy this one of me and our Bruiser!!!

Have a great day!!! Well Blogger is not letting me post pics for now? grrrrr.....lately it has not been friendly!!!


Lynette said...

Yup, Blogger pretty much do what it wants...it ate many of my comments a few days ago.

Desert Dreaming said...

Here as well...couldn't even get on it over the weekend, at all. Said it was shut down, then once it came up, couldn't download any pictures.

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