Redecorating the newly remodeled home!

Our house is finally done as far as the remodel goes (due to the flooding)! It looks great and we are having fun re-decorating it and changing up things. The Plantation Shutters make the house look rich! Got new patio furniture and ordering a leather sectional couch!!! Got my formal drapes back up although they are not creased or put together to my satisfaction! I will have to do that last and fix it myself! Other than that been busy as usual!!!!

PS-It's a working progress!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Desert Dreaming said…
Lisa...know how you feel, we've been re-decorating for the last couple of months, and in this heat, it's rough, but fun and exciting at the same time. We are refinishing our Plantation Shutters today - they were a cream color now crisp white, huge difference. Love your pictures, can't wait to see more. Hope you're enjoying your summer so far...I know my family in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Waco, are telling me how hot it is there as well.

Take care...

Lynette said…
Looking wonderful! I can't wait to redecorate when my son and his family move into their own home.

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