Friday, August 12, 2011

Cloudy Day but still no rain!

Yesterday some mean looking storm and rain clouds appeared but still no Rain where I live! I had a plan to play and dance in the rain since we have not had any in forever! I picked up my niece and told her what the plan was so she was all for it. We put on our Big Girl TuTu's and jumped and skipped on the sidewalk hoping the rain would come down. I guess we got overly excited and our raindance moved the storm clouds out of the area! Oh well! We had fun anyway!

After that, I played with the waterhose.......bathing in the hot sun! Oh Yes, I did!!!! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! Stay cool!!!

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Desert Dreaming said...

Lisa...don't even go there with this summer heat, hasn't it been horrible - nationwide. But, I love your pictures, they are adorable! Thank you so much for the kind words. The cookbooks turned out so beautiful, not only with the recipes but all the great very old and new family photos. It was a huge hit at the family reunion. But to be honest, I'm not sure where my cousin (who lives there in Dallas) had them published, but each book only cost us, the family $10 each, and they are worth so much more than that. I should take a picture and do a post on it. But I can find out for you...they did an unreal job on them, a true family treasure.

Hope your temps are cooling off a bit, they are here, but with the hurricane coming up the East Coast, we will get some high humidity out of that. You take care, and again, thanks for stopping by.


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