Sunday, August 7, 2011

Settling back in.....

I have been busy as usual.....I worked hard all day Friday in the heat and it was HOT!!! Working on the patio, yard, and Garden. Hubby cleaned the Grill and it is super shiny and ready for use (but only if the temps drop)! Now to get an outdoor area rug and some flowers, patio decor, lighting, etc. Then it will be complete! We need to do some landscaping and hubby loves his new fence. Now to stain it. After all my hard work I showered and sat down on the new patio furniture and cooled down with an Ice Cold Beer! Now to finish with the inside! HA! So much too do!!!

As you can see in the pics our Benji loves "his" new chair! LOL! I swear he lounges around inside and outside of the house like a CAT! (I hate cats). That beautiful turtle you see was spotted outside Tuesday morning yesterday (Saturday). I did not see it as another customer spotted it. Had I seen it first I would have freaked out because that creature scared me. I zoomed in on him to take the pic as I am a scarity cat!!! LOL!

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Desert Dreaming said...

You're home is very lovely!!! I bet you will have it decorted so beautiful for the holidays...don't you almost wish they were here, at least the winter part...I have family in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Waco...they are telling me it's always around 103 degrees...and I thought Florida was least we have a nice sea breeze here, but still very hot.


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