Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just me and my three boys!

Five days a week we go on a walk......hoping to get Skinny together. They love going for a walk!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Fall!!!

Been busy decorating for Fall and Halloween and enjoying the cooler temperatures! It is so nice finally being able to get outside and walk without sweating!!!

I have been walking with my Niece for three weeks now five days a week and I can feel the results! Seems my thighs are getting smaller!!! We won't talk about my belly fat!!! Although, we keep saying we will Hoola-Hoop the fat off of that part of our bodies soon enough!

Well, gotta busy day today: A FUN DAY - headed to the Spa for a much needed manicure and pedicure, lunch, and maybe some shoppping. Having Dinner tonight with our Dear Friends and on Saturday guests are coming in from out-of-town and we are going to the first Official Cowboy vs. Redskins game on Monday night! YAY!!!

Have a great weekend and Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is approaching and so is Halloween!

My favorite time of year! I have so many new decorations and cannot wait to decorate the house for Fall and Halloween. But, first I must tidy up my house and unpack boxes! I am running out of cabinet space to put things away! I thought we got rid of alot of stuff from the move last Summer but appears we bought more for the new house (out in the country) and it was smaller! More cabinet space than our home we now live in. Sorry, if it sounds a little confusing. Bottom line is this house does not have as much cabinet space or I am thinking we have way to much stuff!


Anyway, took time out this weekend to shop for Halloween Costumes for a photo shoot for my Great Niece and Great Nephew and of course our dogs! I have not looked for me a costume yet. Going to try to make it to Electric Boutique. They always have a huge line of costumes and sexy ones! HA!

Went to In And Out Burger in Fort Worth. Had to see what all the RAVE was about on a California Burger Spot! I liked it, but still left there feeling hungry and not sooo full! All I can say, is that I will not make another special trip to that place but if I am in the area I will try it again! But, let me say this........

In and Out Burgers has nothing on WHATABURGER!!!!! That is all I need to say!

Enjoy this pic of my Bruiser.......we will have our Halloween Photo Shoot soon and I will post the pics from the burger place!!! Later!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making Progress

Still trying to move out of the house in the Country and get it on the market. But, in the meantime, still unpacking boxes and putting things away and decorating at the same time! WHEW! I am exhausted and to think it will soon be time to put up my Fall Decor!!!! GEEZ!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics. There will be more to come because I want to show you the rest!!! Stay tuned! As you recall in my previous posts perhaps, the downstairs of our home was totally remodeled! In the Kitchen, we got new hardwood flooring, new granite, whitewashed our cabinets (love the spice racks we added), new Stainless Steel Appliances, new Drawer type microwave (too cool), new glass pantry door (love it) although, I forgot to post a pic (well do another time), new shutters and we are having fun re-decorating although it is a job!

The Dining Room pictured has new paint as well as the kitchen - we went with a lighter Faux cannot wait to host a Dinner party!!!!

Have a great weekend!!! I have two parties to attend today! And tomorrow? No parties!!! LOL!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Orlando Salinas "No te olvides de mi" - musica latina from the record En...

Oh What A Night!

Hubby and I went out for Dinner and Drinks and a little dancing! Well, he did dance just a little - only because someone came and grabbed him! LOL!

We went out (last night) to one of our favorite places Campania's in Southlake! I munched on Pepperoni and Basil Pizza and drank a good bottle of wine!!! It was all good! So Good it had me dancing the night away with the Singer of the Band!!! And guess who was playing the Conga in the band? Jose Guzman! He is a former Texas Rangers Pitcher! He came and chatted with us and took a pic with us! He is super sweet! The band that played last night was Superb! Orlando Salinas! He played alot of Neil Diamond and was very good! He mentioned he will be on the MTV Awards? Wednesday? At least that is what I recall him saying!

We will definately be back to watch him play at Campania's!!!

Look for next post of the video of Orlando!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day