Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is approaching and so is Halloween!

My favorite time of year! I have so many new decorations and cannot wait to decorate the house for Fall and Halloween. But, first I must tidy up my house and unpack boxes! I am running out of cabinet space to put things away! I thought we got rid of alot of stuff from the move last Summer but appears we bought more for the new house (out in the country) and it was smaller! More cabinet space than our home we now live in. Sorry, if it sounds a little confusing. Bottom line is this house does not have as much cabinet space or I am thinking we have way to much stuff!


Anyway, took time out this weekend to shop for Halloween Costumes for a photo shoot for my Great Niece and Great Nephew and of course our dogs! I have not looked for me a costume yet. Going to try to make it to Electric Boutique. They always have a huge line of costumes and sexy ones! HA!

Went to In And Out Burger in Fort Worth. Had to see what all the RAVE was about on a California Burger Spot! I liked it, but still left there feeling hungry and not sooo full! All I can say, is that I will not make another special trip to that place but if I am in the area I will try it again! But, let me say this........

In and Out Burgers has nothing on WHATABURGER!!!!! That is all I need to say!

Enjoy this pic of my Bruiser.......we will have our Halloween Photo Shoot soon and I will post the pics from the burger place!!! Later!

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