Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh What A Night!

Hubby and I went out for Dinner and Drinks and a little dancing! Well, he did dance just a little - only because someone came and grabbed him! LOL!

We went out (last night) to one of our favorite places Campania's in Southlake! I munched on Pepperoni and Basil Pizza and drank a good bottle of wine!!! It was all good! So Good it had me dancing the night away with the Singer of the Band!!! And guess who was playing the Conga in the band? Jose Guzman! He is a former Texas Rangers Pitcher! He came and chatted with us and took a pic with us! He is super sweet! The band that played last night was Superb! Orlando Salinas! He played alot of Neil Diamond and was very good! He mentioned he will be on the MTV Awards? Wednesday? At least that is what I recall him saying!

We will definately be back to watch him play at Campania's!!!

Look for next post of the video of Orlando!

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