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Another Birthday and I forgot about it!!!

Can you believe I forgot about our Bruiser's Birthday! He turned Three on September 29, 2011. I remember on his very First Birthday I made a big deal out of it and had a little celebration for him. I went to Three Dog Bakery in Southlake and had this big Doggie Bone made. It had a Chocolate like frosting on it and his name was on the bone and it said "Happy Birthday, Bruiser." We took a lot of pictures but I would not let him eat the bone because I did not want him to get chocolate all over his face!

Well, this year I totally forgot about his birthday! Oh well, the other two never got birthday celebrations! They all get treated very well and pretty much get their way in our household. Anyway, yesterday they all got groomed as they do every three weeks and we had a photo shoot. They all dressed in their Halloween costumes. I am submitting all three in a Costume Contest! I hope one of them wins!!! If not, all three! I will post more pics of them in their Halloween costumes soon. For now, enjoy these photos!!!

Have a great weekend. And Thank you to all my loyal followers who always leave me such sweet comments!!!!

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