Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunny Days in Texas

Means taking the TOP off!!!! Friday was such a beautiful and sunny day Hubby went to wash our Vette. I should have known he would want to take it out for a spin so why did I bother fixing my hair? Well, because that is just me.....that's why! Anyway, it was a nice ride to and from Uncle Julio's Mexican Restuarant (our fave) there we sat out on Patio and I moved from seat to seat dodging the hot sun (bc I am crazy like that) and we sipped on Swirls and drank some Cold Beers and enjoyed the Lobster and Fajitas! YUM!!!!! Pics of the Swirl are on my newest and latest IPHONE (which I love - anyone want to buy my IPHONE 3GS? I think that is what it is! HA! Anyway, when I dump those pics on my computer I will share! If I do not forget, which I know I will.....but you all have seen a Swirl Margarita before, right?? They disappear right before your oops my eyes!!!!

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Becca said...

What FUN that you have a Corvette (my dream car)! My Dad has a beautiful, new white one ... hoping he lets me borrow it a LOT for summer cruises! And, thanks again for your sweet note about my sitting room!

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