Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Post for the day! (smile)

Pictured above is our Garden. This pic was taken in April 2012 when we finished it. I will have to add another pic later because we had Flagstone put down where we have our table and chairs. It looks really good!
And I have managed to soak my aching body (from my workouts) in the Hot Jacuzzi and relax with some Wine too! And I do get out and walk all three of my dogs. Well, I have wasted enough time today on this computer. Gotta go shower and get dressed and try to have a great day and get out of this Rut I am in!!!!!

Second post - WOW!

I have managed to get out of the house and without makeup or fixing my hair because that is just how I roll sometimes. I get tired or lazy sometimes and just go with the flow! I love to go to Antique Shops and here is my latest finds and I love them both. Have you seen the Vintage Luggage Chairs all over the internet? I would love to make one but now sure If I would be able to complete the task!!!! I also love HATS and I found this one at the Antique store!!!! I just had to do a self photo shoot! HA!

Where does the Time GO???

Gosh, I have been so bored with Facebook and Blogging! Although, I do peek in both everyday just so see what is going on. My life has not been too exciting lately and not because it can't be at all times exciting - I just choose to make it BORING! And lately, that is what I have been......BORED! I know my husband is bored with his life with me right now. I am just not in the mood to do anything really. I start projects here and there and never finish. I have a list of things that needs to be done such as: Getting pics off my External Drive and printing them and placing pics in Frames (I am a hoarder when it comes to frames, it is one of those things that I collect) I just love FRAMES and it drives my husband nuts when I buy a frame and bring it home and put in away and forget about it! I am in the process of organizing my closet in my craft room. I had my husband add more shelves yesterday. I just have way to much stuff and hardly ever craft anymore. I did make two Teacher gifts this past week and a couple of other teacher craft items to sell. I sold two items only! Oh well! I had fun making those items. I used to love to be in my craft room whatever happened to that feeling I do not know. I have tons of pics in plastic containers that need to be framed and organized! I have receipes printed and tons of cooking magazines that need to be organized! I had a collection of newspapers that were over a year old! Yes, I did. I know I am a hoarder. Finally, trashed all those last week. I have coupons that need to be clipped. I tell you what when I worked full-time I got alot more done. Now that I have too much time on my hands it is so easy for me to put is aside and say I will do it later. My list can go on and on - not to mention the housework that needs to be done. I was not feeling well at all last week so my house is in need of a deep cleaning as is the patio. We had it re-surfaced and it looks soooooo pretty! I will have to post pics of it. My Garden is not harvesting as I would like it to be. We have a storage facility full of Antique Furniture and appliances and other things that need to be sold on Craigs List. I need some MOTIVATION here!!! I have just felt like "BLAH" most days. I do not know what is wrong with me. Well, other than dealing with Adult Acne and finally got my face cleared up. Been seeing a Dermatologist for that. My husband and I joined a Gym (over a month ago) and got a personal trainer and we have been going to the Gym almost everyday and both feel sooooo much better. Now, if only we can start eating right everyday! Now, to list all that Exercise equipment on Craigs List to sell. We decided when we moved back to the city we would not have an exercise room but instead a office to be shared by the two of us. That office is put together but not organized. Another project for another day!!!! I know my husband is ready to go on a much needed vacation. But, we have too much going on right now, alot not listed......nothing bad....just stuff! So, here are a few pics of my boring life!!!! Happy Memorial Weekend!!! I am sharing a pic of my craft room closet (not fully finished with organizing) and my closet full of brand new frames!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day