Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Products

I just love these little sprays from Bath and Body Works. They are very fragrant but I wish the scent would last longer after is is sprayed. At $5.00 each they do not last very long as I constantly spray. Guess I should invest in the candles. I love spraying my bed linens with the Eucaplytus Spray. I never tire of that scent. Not a whole lot going on in our household. Me and my husband joined a Gym about two months ago and both got a personal trainer. We go to the Gym six days a week and meet with our trainer three times a week. We are not morning people so we go at noon each day and spend two hours there on the day we meet with our trainer. So, that is where our time goes. After that, I can come home and clean house or play. We both feel so much better and have more energy. We have been eating healthier and I have been grilling more and cooking each day. I have not had any sweets in my house nor have I had a coke in over two weeks. I do miss those two. We were not much into eating at Fast Food restaurants so that is not really a big deal. I must admit I do crave junk food and McDonald's small burger and fries. That was always a treat to me. I have not had ice cream in awhile. I bought something that looked like ice cream in the organic section but it does not taste like real ice cream. At $6.00 a box I had one and the rest are still in the freezer. They are little Almond Dreamers Ice Cream Sandwiches. I would rather work out harder and have a scoop of real ice cream such as a little ice cream cone from Dairy Queen!!!! LOL! We also celebrated Fathers Day and my brother's birthday this past weekend. I passed up the cake and ice cream. That was hard. I thought about it the next day and wanted to drive to my brothers for a small piece but I did not do it!!! Trying to stay motivated and eat clean is not easy and we do cheat. Hey we are only human!!!! I have lost about 3 and 1/2 pounds and two inches off my waist. I wish it were coming off faster but I have a hard time getting in my protein. I just started drinking a Protein Shake after my intense workouts. I am not big on Protein Shakes I think they are gross. I do not like a lot of dairy products, so I have a hard time and am limited to what I can eat. I am not big on egg whites but I will eat the white part of a hard boiled egg. I eat Oatmeal each gets boring. I do not like Turkey Bacon. I love real Bacon!!! Oh well! I still have my Wine each night with my meals. That I will always have! Just trying to enjoy everyday. Normal routines of cleaning house, taking care of three dogs, and still trying to organize my craft room and our office upstairs. Thank God no one goes up stairs. It is a mess!!!! My dogs got groomed on Monday so yesterday we had a little photo shoot. Also, here is a picture of a Caesar Salad I made for dinner the other night. r Have a great first day of Summer. It is hot here in N. Texas but I love it!!!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day