Saturday, September 15, 2012

I love Everything FALL!

I usually have the inside and outside of my home decorated by now but, have not stayed home long enough to pull all my Fall Decor out. I just love this Lantern I bought awhile back at Pottery Barn. They are so Versatile!!! I had the Flower Arrangement made at Michaels. You see in one of the pics I had her put some Orange and Black Mesh in it. I did not like the way it looked so I removed it. I think it looks better alone with the Burlap type Ribbon. I have another smaller lantern I bought at another store. I need to decorate it with the other Flower Arrangement. So, here is just a sneak peek of my Fall Decor.

The weather has been cooling off and it feels a tad bit chilly for my liking. Headed to the Texas Rangers game tonight!!!

Have a great weekend.

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