Friday, November 9, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Back from VEGAS!!!!

Had a great fun time in Vegas and cannot wait to go back!!! Barbara Striesand was a great concert and her guests were IL VOLVO and Chris Botti. We had great seats on Floor Level. They would not let me take in a camera but I took a couple of pics with my cell phone and video taped her singing. Not sure how the quality will be on the latter. Oh well, the tickets were worth every penny! We dined at fine restuarants and ate casual somedays. The food is sooooo good in many choices! We did a lot of gambling won some lost some nothing big nothing too little! HA! We saw a show called Jubliee! It was an amazing show! Loved it. It was topless but done tastefully! I loved all the Showgirls Costumes - lot's of feathers flying in the air. I have pics to share but will do that later.

For now here is a pic of my three beautiful dogs! I had a photo shoot with them on their first day back home.......poor doggies I know they wanted to play first and not have to take pics! Oh well!

Halloween was Great! I am slowly packing it all up and putting it away! Then only to get Christmas out! Geez, time flies! On Halloween Night our neighbor the Weather Man for the local news here  broadcast the weather near our front yard on the cul-de-sac.  He did so last year too. We came out on TV!!!! LOL!  I had a lot of Trick-or-Treaters but had to quit giving out candy early bc we needed to pick up all the yard decor and bring it in before leaving for Vegas the next day.  Note to self: Do not travel right after a holiday......too much to do too much stress. But, Barbara was worth it!!!

This was me on Halloween: Dressed as a Domestic Goddess! LOL~

Some inspiration for Valentines Day