Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's a never ending job in this big house.  I think I should hire a maid.  Wish I could just sit back and rest with a glass of wine but so much to do. And yes, I still have alot of empty storage bins to place back in attic and need to tissue wrap all the ornaments so that they will not stick together when it gets super hot in Attic over the summer months.  Today, I am tacking the chore of cleaning the gameroom.  I am just about done. Taking a break here!  My husband nags at me because I use his pool table as a catch all!  I really do!  Well, I better see if I can upload a picture of the new fireplace we added to our Reading and Relaxation room.  We got it at Big Lot's and it just makes the room feel more cozy!!! I am hoping we get more wintery and cold like days. The temps here change dayto-day. This past Sunday was in the 60's so I used all of that day to power wash back patio, clean out flower pots and cleaned grill, light fixtures, all patio furniture and jacuzzi area. I was whopped by the end of day!  I think I may be a little OCD with cleaning! HA!!! Blogger is not letting me upload a pic from my computer. Says I can download from everywhere else? Weird.

Some inspiration for Valentines Day