Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finally a cold day with a little rain

Hard to believe it is February and how warm it has been here in North Texas. One day it's sunny and beautiful and the next day it is cold. It stayed cold all day today and we got a little rain and a little sleet in the early morning. I did not wake up until 10 am today guess my body needed the rest.  Tomorrow is supposed to be severe thunderstorms with some hail.  I plan on staying indoors and will try to get my upstairs cleaned.  I can finally say the downstairs is all cleaned and everything is in order. YAY!

I have been battling a severe sore throat for the last week and finally went to the Dr. on Monday. I have Pharginitis (however, you spell it).  After being on Antibiotics I feel much better and went to the gym today.  I also have to take Singulair daily and I was out of it for like two months and Lord knows I should not go without that RX for long because I usually get sick and that is what happened.  I also have tendonitis in my left arm and have to take steroids for that. I can say I have slept good the past two nights without feeling any pain. I can actually lay on that arm once again.  I had this same pain before (this past summer), but it was in my right arm. I went to see a bone and joint specialist for that at the time and he gave me shot in the bone (Cortizone with something else in it) and that shot hurt and stung a little bit and I remember my arm hurting for the duration of the day and night because of the soreness from the injection. I did not want to go that route again although it did help tremendously and I have not had any more pain in that right arm which at the time led up to shoulder pain as well. 

I am still coughing but at least my sore throat is gone. Boy, did I eat alot of ice cream and ice and even sweet tea with crushed ice that is how good all that felt going down my throat not to mention a good classic coke.....yes, it burned going down but I love coke and it was worth it.  And I did gain three pounds from all that junk. But, I also missed five days of working out too!

So, I have been taking it easy and today was a Gym day and came home made Taco Soup and did a few chores around the house then sat down to relax by the fire and have some hot tea and read my favorite magazine. 

February has been a busy month filled with alot of birthday celebrations and my Mr. Brewster being hospitalized. He is at home now and is doing well. He is suffering with GI problems and had a biospy done. We will not know anything until the test results come back.  Hopefully, whatever he has it is curable. He has a low protein level too. He is our baby! So we were pretty upset about it.

That's it for now!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Well, I celebrated my 50th birthday on Friday, February 8th! Actually, it was mine and my Twin Sisters birthday! I just wanted to share a couple of pics for now.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

Wow! What a fun-filled weekend I had.  And boy, January sure did fly by. Now it's February and that means alot of Birthday Celebrations in our family and friends not to mention Valentine's Day! I think I will have to work out extra hard to burn off all the calories from eating too much Birthday Cake and Ice Cream. Speaking of birthdays........Mine is just around the corner. February 8th is the BIG day that I (and my twin sister) turn the BIG 50!!!! Wow!!! Hard to believe but, I Thank God each day to be able to celebrate just living!!!!

Anyway, this past weekend was great! Friday, I got invited to play with a group of girls from High School and we played BUNCO! It was  my first time and was kinda confusing at first but I had a great time. I have always played Pokeno and that is fun too!

Saturday, I went to my nephews 21st Birthday party and that was fun. We stayed out late that night! And Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday......we had a little gathering of family and friends.  I prepared everything.  I made the Deen Brothers Chipolte Wings and they were good but a little Spicy which was fine with me!  Everything I make is always spicy!!! And I made a Jalepeno Popper Cheeseball and got that recipe from a blog called Chef in Training. I love her blog it is so fun!  The cheeseball was super easy to make and yummy! Spicy too!  And I made other things and put out a pretty good spread.  Although, our team did not win it was a fun night and we ended it playing Gallaga and Pool!

Now off to the gym to burn all the calories I consumed this weekend! But, wait......I have a lot of celebrating to do this week and also tidy up my house that will be done today! My kitchen is a mess!!! I went to bed without cleaning it! UGH!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day