Monday, May 13, 2013

May already???

Wow! Where does time go? We have been busy as usual. Gardening, Entertaining, Parties, Limo Rides, Out to Dinner with friends and family celebrating birthdays. A trip to Shreveport to Gamble.....on and on. Fun nonetheless. I have so many pictures to share but short on time today. I woke up late and had to do laundry and now head to the Gym!

Here is a picture of our Garden at night and the grill/bar area. We love to sit out here in the evenings and sip on a glass of wine or a ice cold beer.  We have gotten a few heavy rain showers and it has made our Garden bloom! I need to go and pick out the onions as they are now ready to eat. My lettuce is growing big and is so pretty. I have taken some of it and made a salad.  Yummy! Enjoy these pics for now. Make it a great day!

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