Sunday, December 8, 2013

I just wanna play!

Wow! December, what a busy month and we have been iced in since Friday! North Texas got blanketed with a sheet of ice. I have enjoyed being indoors but have not got alot accomplished.  I have been doing little chores here and there but, mostly cooking and cleaning kitchen and having fun with Photography.  I got really sick all of a sudden on Friday night it scared me. I was feeling faint and so dizzy and had ringing in my ear and it would not stop and felt like it was stopped up.  I finally went to bed and prayed that I would not get the Flu or anything.  I woke up Saturday feeling much better. 

I hate to admit it but, I am still putting away Fall and Halloween and have been decorating for Christmas in the midst of it all. I am hosting Bunco next Sunday and I must have this house completely decorated and cleaned. I still have shopping to do for the party and for Christmas. I proscratinate so much it's not funny anymore.  Just because I have too much time on my hands I put it off until the last minute then I am stressing and driving my husband crazy!  All he cares about is me getting all my "sh**" off of his pool table so that he can play pool.  I was doing real good putting it all away until my Christmas Bunco got cancelled and rescheduled due to the inclement weather.  Oh well, I did work on cleaning the game room yesterday and some today!  It's hard enough keeping the downstairs clean and besides no one goes upstairs and you can bet that on Thanksgiving I did not let anyone go up there! LOL!

Speaking of Thanksgiving we had a nice one spent with my Family and a couple of close friends. My husband deep fried two turkeys and I roasted one.  My family can eat alot and my husband can live on Turkey sandwiches!

He has been hunting quite a bit since opening day. He is determined to get a Buck!! I have not been to the gym in over two weeks and when I go back next week I know it will be tough!!!! I have slacked off on exercise and eating right!!! I keep tellling myself it's the Holidays!!! Bad excuse.

Here are a few pics.  Have a wonderful week. The news just reported all major ISD's are closed tomorrow and a few business closed or delayed openings.  All of the roads are iced over again and the Fog is heavy.  I thank God I do not have to get up to go anywhere in it. 

As you can see from the pics below my dogs were not in the mood for their Christmas Photo shoot! It is getting harder and harder to photograph them together bc they attack each other.

Notice the Cinnamon Rolls I made from Scratch! They were yummy and soooo sweet!
PS-I laid on solid ice to take that pic!!! Well, my husband was the photographer! I will post pics of our Tree later this week. It is Big and Beautiful! And, pictured below is Timmie, our Elf on the shelf!

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