Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Freezing Temperatures in March!

Wow! Yesterday here in N. Texas we had freezing temperatures and a sleeting thunderstorm! It was crazy.  Hard to believe the day before (Saturday) it was in the sunny 70's!!!! Gotta love Texas weather.  The sun is out today but dont let it fool you........it is still cold! I am still in my PJ's!!!

I had to get out and go to the store yesterday morning but after that I came home and put my PJ's back on and watched movies and cooked. I made Chicken and Dumplings and my husband made Beef Stew. So we are set on our lunch for today and perhaps Dinner!  It was my first time to make Chicken and Dumplings not totally from scratch but it was still alot of work. The dumplings were frozen. It turned out really good and my husband loved it.  But, then again he loves everything I cook or bake!  Seems like when it is cold all I want to do is stay in my PJ's (well, that is everyday for me-LOL) and eat all day long.  I ate so much yesterday I am sure I have gained a pound or two. I was sick all last week and did not make it to the gym.  I am feeling much better today but stayed home and will try to go work out tomorrow. 

It's been so busy here......February we celebrated both our Birthdays and Valentines. And our Benji had a birthday too!!! Same day as my husbands! LOL!  I have been doing a little decorating with my Spring Decorations. As soon as Valenetines was over all that decor came down and up went my Spring Tablescape.  I have a little of St. Patty's on my kitchen counter.  I have been slowly cleaning the upstairs.  Chores are never ending at our home not to mention the outside. All three of my patios need to be cleaned and decorated for Spring. The Grill needs cleaning, our Garden needs to be planted.  But, with this weather it is hard to do with it being cold one day and hot the other or rain, snow, ice or sleet!  That is our trend in Texas weather. I would not live anywhere else though!!!!

Well, I gotta go eat now. Here is one pic. I will share more later. Thanks for stoppping by! Even our dogs did not want to go out. LOL~ I love our CCTV system I can watch what's going on without getting out of my bed!!!!HA!

Some inspiration for Valentines Day