Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our Beloved Mr. Brewster

It's been a "ruff" two weeks around our household. Our baby, Mr. Brewster had been ill for quite sometime with GI Problems and more recently a tumor.  He underwent two surgeries within days of each other and then had other problems after and we could not put him through anymore procedures and we had to make a tough decision to put him to sleep. Our hearts are broken and we miss his spunky self dearly and so does his other two brothers Bruiser and Benji.  It is quite and not the same around here anymore.  As each day passes I am able to look at all the hundreds of pictures and videos I have of him. He was such a good fun-loving doggie. 

                               RIP Mr. Brewster!  April 28, 2009- August 18, 2014

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