Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring already?

Welcome back Spring and all the little critters that come along with it! Not to mention the heavy winds and spring storms. Not complaining or anything but I just don't like bugs.  We got our Garden cleaned out and not sure what to do with all that space now. Sometimes, I want to concrete that area and other times I want to plant grass and fence off that area for my dogs.  I sometimes envision a nice landscaped area to put my hammock and just have that space to sunbathe!  So, many ideas are racing through my head!  We are going to do some container gardening for sure. My hubby planted some spring flowers for me and they are so pretty.

We have had two areas in our backyard where two momma rabbits had their babies!  We did not know there were four newborn baby rabbits in our garden until the guy who pulled our garden apart discovered them last Monday.  He showed us and I was surprised and they scare me. I am afraid of all things that move (except for my dogs LOL).  The other two baby rabbits were in another area and my hubby discovered them while he was mowing the lawn. Those babies were hidden in a hole there mother built underground.  They have since moved on. They were the size of my palm.  Rabbits scare me!  I cannot help but be afraid!  They are cute tho!

Nothing else is new, except for getting over the flu!  Geez, that put me out a whole week!  I have not been sick like that in over six years! I pretty much take care of myself and my body fought it as much as it could! Luckily, my hubby did not catch it.

Have a great week and enjoy the pics. Please take the time as you are stopping by to visit anyway, to say hi!!!

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